First impressions on the Nokia Lumia 710

One week ago I switched from an iPhone4 to a Nokia Lumia 710 for working reasons, and now it’s the time to publish the first impressions.
The “freshness” of the Windows OS UI impressed me a lot, Live Tiles rocks the home screen, and the overall good quality of the device is a sign that Nokia is moving in the right direction. The device is really fast, thanks to its 1.4 Ghz processor, and the screen offers good quality when playing media files. Full specs here. Sure, It’s not an iPhone4, the 710 looks a little bit “plasticky”, but it costs half the price and offers a good quality on calls (no more infamous “Network Lost” prompt of the iPhone when at home). The camera quality is good, but pictures taken with the iPhone4 are in general a little bit better, most probably it’s not a matter of hardware, but it depends on the software. On iPhone you can use software like Camera+ that helps under some circumstances, didn’t find a valid alternative on this phone.
Native apps are in general good developed except for the camera app, that should be improved to compete with the counterpart on iOS.
3rd party apps should use better the space available on the screen. In particular the FaceBook app uses a lot of space for Logos and labels that the remaining space for the ‘main content’ can contain only 2 updates of the “stream”.


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