Fast preview of a WRT widgets in an emulator

If you preview your widgets in an emulator, reinstalling the widget each time you make a changes can become time-consuming.

Fortunately, there is a shortcut.

Widgets are installed in the emulator’s epoc 32/winscw/C/private/10282822 or epoc 32/winscw/D/private/10282822 folders, depending on the memory location selected for installation, in a subfolder using the widget’s unique name as defined in the Info.plist file.

In a typical installation of the Nokia N97 SDK (for a widget installed on the C drive), the full path to the root folder is C:\S60\devices\Nokia_N97_SDK_v0.5\epoc32\winscw\c\private\10282822.
The widget’s folder contains its components in the same structure as the project folder.

If, for example, the project’s CSS file is changed, it can be copied from the project folder to the corresponding emulator folder. Then, once the widget has been restarted in the emulator, the new CSS file will be in use.

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